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Rocking the Mote

A celebration of British music, with pieces inspired by The Who, the Sex Pistols and even the Spice Girls, is wowing visitors to National Trust jewel Ightham Mote

Visitors to Ightham Mote this summer may be in for a bit of a shock when they enter the inner courtyard of this beautiful manor and are greeted by a large sculpture of The Who. It’s part of a retrospective exhibition covering work that spans more than 30 years by Tonbridge sculptor Guy Portelli, who has become a household name with his appearances on TV and in the press.

In the manor house and grounds Guy’s Pop Icon sculptures, including Bono, Frank Sinatra, The Sex Pistols and even The Spice Girls, will add a new dimension to a house steeped in history going back 700 years and with strong links to Mendelssohn, John Singer Sargent and Henry James.

“I think of pop stars as modern-day knights, with a hedonistic lifestyle, fast cars and stately homes,” says South African-born Guy. “I have always thought of my sculptures as dealing with contemporary themes but influenced by antiquities from all over the world, in particular Egypt and Latin America,” adds Guy. “I put this down to an interest in archaeology at a young age, but not having the patience to dig for treasures, I make them instead.”

This summer Guy is also taking part in a major Olympics 2012 exhibition at Gallery Different in Fitzrovia (0207 6373775). Running until 20 August, ‘London is Calling’ is a celebration of the musicians and bands who made London the cultural capital it is today.

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